Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My time at Sakura-Con

It started out on a Thursday after work. Me and Rich headed over to the Convention Center to pick up the weekend pass and have Rich drop off some of his art for the Art Show. We made good time and found a parking spot. We got our weekend badge with around a 20 min wait in line, which went fast with the book I was reading. Headed over to the Art Show room to find they need some help with the stand ups they use to display the art on. It took about 2 hours to get them standing and ready to be used, after that we headed on home to get some rest for the next day.

Put Together

We got to the Con around 11:30 am on Friday, before the dealer’s room opened. Rich set himself up at Artist Alley while I waited in a line for the Exhibitors' Hall to open. From last year, things were moved around. The Exhibitors' Hall and the Registration were next together, which gave a lot of foot traffic to the Artist Alley which was right outside the two rooms. I did my look around the Exhibitors' Hall and found the isles well spaced and easy to walk thru and with the traffic the con had it was needed. After my rounds in the Exhibitors' Hall, I went and looked around. I found the Main Stage, the Autograph area and the Video Rooms. From the layout of last year, the Video Rooms were above the Main Room (were the Concerts were), not below. So when the Concerts were playing the wall did not vibrate. The day was mostly walking around the main floor area or outside taking pictures of the people in costumes and when I needed to get off my feet, I headed back to the Artist Alley or headed up to the Video Rooms, if there was anything good playing.

Location - Artist Alley
Location - South Lobby

Saturday was planed as a full day for me, with getting to the Con about 9:30am and leaving well past midnight. With some more walking, picture taking, sitting, video watching and eating (not all in that order) the day was enjoyed. With night time here, the Main Stage was full of people jamming to the DJ waiting for Smile.dk to play. At one point glow sticks and such were tossed from the stage and I was lucky to get a rebound off the ceiling into my hands. The place was jumping, you could literally feel the music. For a white boy that can not dance, I think I did good. I just copied the people around which was basically jumping up and down, waiving your hands (like you don't care) or doing a fist pump. My feet started to be a pain and I took off to the Video Rooms for some sit down time. After some time I got a text from Rich that it was time to call it a night.

Naruto Character Me and Rich at Sat Night concert Major Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Sunday was another day. If you wanted to be technical it wad the same day, just with five hours of sleep. We got there a little before the Exhibitors' Hall opened. They had pre-registration open for next year for just $30.00 for the full weekend. I grabbed the paperwork and head for the short line. With one person on the window, it took some time, around 30 min if I recall correctly. With the pre-registration done, I went thru the Exhibitors' Hall one last time to see if I missed anything and then did some more walking, picture taking, sitting, video watching with the day ending around 6pm.

Mazinger Z Master Shake Cup Noodles

For the anime that was showing in the theaters, I wish I had planed a little better to catch some of the ones that I missed. I did catch Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, some Code Geass, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and some Shin-chan.

One thing I can say about the Exhibitors' Hall is keep a eye on what they have available. I picked up a few figures one day and looked for them the next finding they had sold out. Another item I found was at a good price of $6.00. I went back the next day to pick a few more up to find the cost showing was $70.00. Looked like I got a great deal on the one I did picked up. I should have picked up the full set of 4 at the $6.00 cost the first day. Keep your eyes open.

The item that I got a lot of work out of, was the digital camera I got for Christmas. I tried out a few of the setting to find they worked out great for what I needed them for. A few of the pictures came out bad, but that is what the delete button is for.

This was the first time doing the full weekend at Sakura-Con and I had a great time. Took over 400+ pictures. Went over my spending budget (a little) and got a chibi charature done of my self.

. . . and I am doing this again next year.

(Currently uploading the pictures I took at Sakura-Con up to flickr, you can see the growing pictures here.)

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