Saturday, December 05, 2009

To my Secret Santa

Our family is doing a Secret Santa again this year, I got ****** for my Secret Santa. My brother and his family will be down to Seattle early January, which we celebrate the holidays. Here is the email that was sent out to the family.


I've been very good this year. Here are some things that I'd like. Sorry this took a while to compile.

Arkham Horror (board game) ~$60.00
(can be found local at Uncles Games at Crossroads)

MC Frontalot CDs/MP3
1. Final Boss
2. Secrets From The Future
3. Nerdcore Rising
(The albums can be downloaded from the site above and then can be burned on a CD, save some money for more gifts or a iTune gift card can be given.)

Dawn of Discovery on the DS (Game System) (form Best Buy for a local location)

Memories of the Future - Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton ($19.87)

Sauder #190752 Cherry 2 Shelf Bookcase by SAUDER (~$30.00)
(in the Seattle area, found it at Fred Meyers. UPC 042666015653)

JCPenney gift card for some new stuff to put on.

X-Shaped Rubber Bands (2 boxes) $(not much)

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