Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The first post of the new year.

Looking over what I posted last year as compared to the year before, the number have gone down a lot. In 2008 I made 102 posts and in 2009 I made 28 posts. If I had to point a finger of blame, I would point to Twitter for that. Its micro bloging made easy. At this point I have 1,444 post or tweets as they like to be called.

Another look back to the books I have read, in 2009 I read 37 books as compared to the 32 books I read in 2008. I had set a goal to read more than the year before (not counting comic book) and have meet the goal for the last two years. Check out my profile over at Goodreads, a great site for those people who are reader of books and such. Sign up if you dare.

There are plans to attend to two big Cons this year. The first would be San Diego Comic-Con for the full time with a few friends from work. This will be my 4th year going. The second one would be Gen Con (two week after Comic-Con). This years' Gen Con would be my first time going. With the Pod Casts, Twitting and blog post from the last year I had wanted to go at least once (maybe more) for some time. Luckly my friend Norm had the same idea and wants to go too. A hotel room has been books for the time frame. The number of people the are positive at this time only number two, I am hoping more. In our game group there are at least 2 maybe at this time and also another maybe from a old gaming buddy (that had move away a while back).

And last but not the last, I have found or been point to some great geekie music (as seen in the below links):

Kirby Krackle
MC Frontalot
Jonathan Coulton
Lemon Deamon
Garfunkle & Oates

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