Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Forgotten

Yesterday at work near the end of the day, I had a question on a address on a order I was processing and needed my supervisor to sign off on it to complete it. I walk over to her desk, she is working and ask her to have a look at the item I have on my computer screen. I got a standard answer of a few minutes (she was busy). I give her a few minutes, she get up, locks her computer and walks off in the other direction. In my mind I go WTF. I find another available supervisor and get what I needed answered.

Two hours later after I am home watching TV, I get the following text message:

Omg Heath I just remembered I needed to go over your desk!! I'm soooo sorry I completely forgot!! So busy today!!
Followed up with:

Please accept my apologies!!

I followed up with:

Sure. The problem was solved. C U tomorrow same
time. Same place.

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