Sunday, June 20, 2010

The time of the weekend.

The weekend started after work on Fridays. Headed out for a meet up for some food. After the consumption of food, we went to the place of gaming. One of our group was not there and after arriving at the place one of the other player were not feeling to well and was not up to gaming, but was OK for boardgames. A boardgame night was not planned and we did not have a large choice, luckily there was a copy of Ticket To Ride available. Fun was had and I came in 2nd with 132 points with a good end game scoring, but lost out to Norm, who scored 153 with some good passenger scoring.

Saturday was here and I headed over to PaizoCon. Picked up the swag bag that you get with the convention. Score. The bag had 3 books, 2 modules, a magazine, a minature, a game map and a game aid. With not being able to getting preregistered for any of the games, I checked out a few of the seminar. With a break from PaizoCon, I headed over to Dragon's Lair (in Bellevue) for Free RPG Day. I had wanted to pick a free game they had available and ended up signing up for a D&D 4th ed game of the module they had free for Free RPG Day, Bloodsand Arena (a Dark Sun game). Fun was had and after the game (with a roll off of 17) I was given Tomb of Horrors (the D&D 4th ed update of the original module). I was informed by the Wizard GM that ran our game, that the module is not being sold and is only given away as a prize by Wizards. Score.

Sunday. I sat in on a few more seminar and called it a day.

That was my weekend.

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