Sunday, July 18, 2010

The times of Then, Here and There.

Its a busy year for conventions. Looking at 7 major/large conventions this year. The largest number for for me (so far).

Emerald City ComiCon
- I only went one day this year and with some great panels, I did not get all the time I would have like to look around. I will be doing the full three days next year.

- Three days of fun. I even got my tickets for next year.

- Great SWAG bag. I did not get in on any of the games. Did sit in on a few of the seminars. Saturday was Free RPG Day and had a good game of D&D with a preview of the new Dark Sun setting. I will try it again next year and register early to get into a game or two.

Comic-Con International
- This is 3 days away with w00tstock the night of the first full day of the convention. The schedule has been reviewed and some plans have been put together (in my head) that I hope come to pass. Now I just need to finish packing.

Gen Con Indy
- This will be my first GenCon. Going with two friends for a first time all around. I have done my research on what to expect, but time will tell on how much fun will be had.

- A local RPG convention with people I have played with in the past. The games they have listed look great, with the full weekend of playing games.

- I have my full weekend ticket already purchased (this year), with the passes now sold out. Looking forward to the geek bands and such for the conventions. With some good swag from what I picked up from PAX past.

This is one last trip planed this year. It would be to see my brother and his family over on the east coast some time mid-September around my birthday.

It has and will be a busy time. Fun times.

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