Sunday, October 17, 2010

My time at the Seattle Geekly Game Day

The first game was the 2nd edition of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It was a fun game where we end up wining a chess game with Death.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

The next game we played was Who Would Win? A game a new game I picked up a few months back. The game played great and I think 5 player is the right number of the game. The box says 3 min for the number of players, that could work with one vote to win. 4 players could work, but there could be ties. 5 is the magic number for the min number of players. It was a fun game with some great match ups, here are some of the match up we came across:

  • Wayne Gretzky vs Stephen Speilberg in a cooking contest.
  • Darth Vader vs Stephen Hawking in dogsledding.
  • Helen Keller vs Blackbeard in juggling.
Who Would Win?

We next played Back to the Future: The Card Game. Its is Chrononauts with a Back to the Future fell to it. It was fun once I got the feel of the game.

Back to the Future: The Card Game

The next game that got played was Rorschach, a game with inkblots. What you see is not always what others see.


The last game of the night was Zombie Dice, with one of the players rolling and keeping 10 Brians.

Zombie Dice

Game day was fun and I even got a shirt as a give away.

. . . and here all the good pictures I took.

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