Friday, January 21, 2011

Last year in review.

This list is what I did in 2010.

The conventions I got to go to a few convention last year:

The local ones I went to:
  • Emerald City ComiCon

  • Sakura-Con

  • PaizoCon
  • Dragonflight

  • PAX

The out of town convention I went to with some friends:

  • Comic-Con International

  • Gen Con Indy

Check out the pictures I took during the different convention.

I got to attend two w00tstocks this last year. w00tstock 2.0 in Seattle and w00tstock 2.4 in San Diego. Both were great fun and I even got a w00tstock 2.4 poster with in me in it by Len Peralta. (pix/video: 2.0, 2.4)

Check out the list of book I have read in the year of 2010. There were 35 books read and a good number of comic books and graphic novels read in between the books during 2010. With the last three years, I am averaging over 30 book read. Which is great for me. In my youth, I mainly stuck to comics book and only read a few books here and there.

I got to be in a video that was done at PAX called Paul and Storm Get Thirsty. I was on screen for a whole 44 seconds [0:28-1:12]. Back in January of 2010 I became a Paul and Storm minion.

This last year I completed some of my music collection and found some new ones.
Completed my collection of Kirby Krackle, MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm.
Found some new artist of Molly Lewis and Lady Gaga.

With comics, I used to get them a friend. His situation changed and I now get them from a local Comic and Game store.

A final note:
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JaY... said...

I noticed that you went for PAX East last year... And I know it seems highly inappropriate... But I was wondering whether you still had the PAX Jax card for league of legends with the code unused... Chances are slim, I know...

Its worth like 40 dollars and stuff on ebay and chances are I'll never be able to make it to PAX EAST any time soon...
I think they are giving away the League of legends PAX Jax codes away this year too...

So if you haven't already given it to anyone... I was hoping whether you would let me have the code...

But its your call... You can always sell it on ebay and make some money..

But if you are willing to let go of it for free, do you think you could let me have the code.. I'm like a big fan of League of Legends, would cherish it big time...

Thanks, whatever your response maybe... Good Luck and god bless...


Heath said...

@JaY I went to PAX Prime and sorry I do not have the Code you are looking for.

JaY... said...

Sure thing... Thanks a lot for looking into it... Good luck...