Sunday, July 02, 2006

The game last week.

The following week in gamming with our HERO game.

This game was a long one, dealing with a two (us) on three (them) battle. We were surprised by two swordmen which rushed up and while the archer took some pop shot at Darbor character. My character, Vaden was able to knock out one of the swordmen, leaving it a little more even. Vaden rushed the archer knocking him down and sent his bow flying. Attacked and missed the archer. He get ups and tried to dodge Vaden's attack, but got smashed in the head by his club. Durring this time the swordman Vaden had knocked down had recovered and was no ganging up on Darbor. Vaden rushed over and knocked down the same one down again. With one down, we attacked the third swordman, not doing too much damage due to armor. Vaden next noticed that the knocked down swordman was playing possum and recovering from the stun damage. Vaden attacked the prone swordman and was able to kill him. And then there was one. At this point Darbor was not doing so good, down to 2 Body (having taken a few arrow hits), while Vaden having taken only a few point of Body damage. At this point the last swordman got a great hit and almost killed Vaden (took a lot of Stun, was taken down to 2 Body and got a deep gash on his right thigh). The swordman made a run for it, fleeing the battle. With our character damaged and needing to rest, we headed away from the battle area. It looks like our characters are being pursued and Vaden needs some first aid on the gash or he will pass out.

This where the game ended for the night. At this time something poped into my head. "Figher needs food badly."

If I could change what I did durring the battle I would change:
1. If I knock someone down, make sure they are dead (do not want them pop up again and attacking).
2. With Vaden higher speed, he could have rushed up to the archer sooner and killed him sooner.
3. Do something other than just attack, do some Combat Maneuvers.

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