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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The game last week.

Could also subtitled, "A Good Knight".

Our group of two started out at the depo, after a few days of resting. It was decided to take it easy and cover our tracks and with a great roll of 3 (on 3 d3 is a roll you want to make), our group was able go at normal speed and still be quiet. We even came across a fully armored knight and war horse. Vaden's plan was to sneek up on the horse and smack it with my War Club with my Tough Man power active (+10 STR and +2 PD/ED) and have horse fall and trap the rider. I tried to sneek up on the horse, but it was aware of my presence. I changed targets to the knight. With a loud ring when the armor was hit in the right shoulder, the knight fell to the ground. With a thud when the rider hit the ground, the horse rears up and attacks Vaden, dazing him. While Vaden dodged the next attact, Darbor came up to the fallen knight and finished him off. With two good hits to the horse, the horse knocked Vaden out (with a lot of STUN damage, 40 over his base STUN). Darbor was able to finish off with a good hit roll (apparently Vaden wore the horse for a easy finish).

With some found help, Vaden was taken back to the depo, when awoke a few hours later.

Learned that day: surprise is good and two time the STUN damage is great.

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