Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Iron Man DVD release

Last week when I went to Best Buy and noted that they were going to release the Iron Man Movie DVD at midnight Monday(09/29/08) night (well early Tuesday morning) with the offer of free stuff. I inform this to a friend and that night we headed on over. We got there about 10 min till. With only a few cars in the lot, we went to the entrance and stood in the small line that has started. At the time we went in to get the DVD. They had some nice freedies to go along with the DVD release. I got 2 Iron Man t-shirt, 2 Iron Man lithograph, 2 poster tube Stark Industries logo on it, a Talk To The Repulsor.com magnet and a gift card from Sideshow Collectibles with a unknown amount (it ended up being $40.00). When I looked around there were some where around 12 to 20 people that showed up for the event.

Iron Man Swag
Click on the picture for a larger picture.

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