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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The choices for the game.

After our D&D game last night, we talked about how we have around 5 or some games till we finish the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure. After D&D we are planing on going back to our HERO game, but now with more players. We have one confirmed player, one player that fit in but due to work plays in about half the game and the last player is new to gaming and still has not found his grove. With the two original players (that includes me) and the one confirmed player we are looking at a minimum of 3 players and a GM.

Questions came up for characters and the game world.

With the characters I saw three options:
  1. We keep our characters (powers/level),
  2. Make new characters or
  3. We power down our characters.

With the game, it was decided we stick with a fantasy setting, but with the story I came up with another three options:
  1. We continue the story where we left off with some minor adjustments,
  2. We jump ahead in time in the game world and restart the story from there or
  3. We start over from scratch.

Time will tell on what we do.

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