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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The End is here.

This story has ended.

Our old Hero System has ended (on 10-10-08) and will not be continued. My blog for the game/character will not be updated and I have added my last post on it with most of what I have posted here.

We next played the Keep on the Shadowfell, a 4th Ed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. The game was well played and our character lived to fight other battles.

We have gained a total of 5 player now and we have begun a new Hero System game. We are at the character building time and the plot will begin to twist soon.

As with any ending, there are beginning.

A new blog for the game has been started. There is very little in it at this time.

I will list below my blog and any others that are started by the other player.

Kross the ????? of the Pakasa/Dumawe

Perrol the Bard Half-Elf

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