Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The meet up in New York

The trip was from June 17th thru the 21st. This was the best time that fit everyone's schedule.

With me traveling from Seattle to New York, its a all day trip, I got there the day before everyone else and spent some resting. I got to spend some time with my brother and my new nephew.

We were all meeting up at Chad's place, they all got there Thursday night for some cold pizza and a few game of Apples to Apples as a ice breaker game. Fun was had by all.

The next day we went to Ground Zero, Liberty Island and to the Top of the Rock. We meet up with Chad, went back to the apartment and started our Warhammer game. For a game we have not played in 10+ years, we picked it up slowly again. We got a good 5 or so hours of play and it looked like about 20% the way thru the adventure. More to play when we get together again in a year or two. To save on travel time Chad spent the night on the couch for a few hours of sleep.

We got up when we got up, picked up put rent a car and headed to play some paintball at Paintball Arena in New York. Last time I had played was sometime in 1991 (I think). We brought what stuff we had and rented the paintguns and masks. We played in a indoor arena, a first for me. For most of the games, we played on the same side. Running, shooting and getting hit. Not all in that order sometimes. We had fun in a game we had not played in a long time and I walked away with only 14 bruises.

Durring out trip we talked about old and new time, like old time. We plan to make a habbit of this and head over to my neck of the woods (Seattle) when next we meet up in a year or so.

See the pictures I took here.

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