Monday, July 25, 2005

The day that is Monday. Play day.

We had Popover pancake today for our eary morning meal. We finished the 1st Lord of the Rings movie (you know, the longer recut version). Next, we went to the park, while the girl (my mom and Kate) were downstairs doing different hair dos and putting on some make-up (disclaimer: the is just a basic breakdown of what they did). At the park, the kids played with grandpa. Me and Chad got a chance to toss the Frisbee around. Dinner was had by most all (mmm, ham), mom was resting, getting off her feet. Me and the kids got a chance to watch some cartoons, while Chad and Kate took a little walk. When the kids went to bed, my parents were having a good chat with Chad and Kate (while I hung around watching some TV). The day is now at a end, rest is done by all for the next we do something else.

Next: The day of Tuesday, a day that is not Monday, but is almost Wednesday.

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