Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday, picture day.

For the final day of their trip, we took some pictures at Picture People at North Gate Mall. With the 1st setting we took a few shots with the whole group, one with just the kids and a few other combos. We then went to the Olive Garden to wait out as the pictures got developed. There were some good pictures, but the group shots did not turn out too good. We reshot the group shot to get a smile on everyone's face. This did take most of the day, but we did get some great pictures.
We headed back to my parents house to take it easy and talk. Dinner came around and we headed to Bings to grab a bite to eat. Everyone packed and loaded the car and headed to the airport to catch their midnight flight. When they were dropped off, the kids looked to be on their way to a restful trip back.

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