Monday, July 11, 2005

My paintball DVD project.

I have 3 old paintball VHS video. I have the footage broken down to fit on 2 DVDs. I am currently playing around with footage (ie menu layout, fade out/ins, titles). My brother with be down in about 2 weeks and will have a chance to have a look at this draft. I will be looking for any info I might have missed.

The next step will be to work on the cover of the DVD case. Will be looking for some artwork or picture on the front and small snap shots of some of the games on the back. Will be looking for a 4 to 6 lines to sum up the experience of paintball and then some final notes on this project.

This is going to be a Christmas gift, so I hope to have this project finish before then.

On a side note, for the past 3 years I have doing a paintball calendar. I hope to be able to find 12 good photos (that have not been used yet) to use on the 2006 calendar.

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