Monday, August 29, 2005

The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game

I am Michael Carpenter.

I am one of those honored by God to serve His Will as a Knight of the Cross. My faith is strong, unshakeable -- and deadly to the truly evil. It's my job to seek them out, to get them to change if I can, and to stop them if I must.

And I am not alone in this. Never alone. God watches over me and sees that I am sent where I am most needed. I carry the holy sword Amoracchius at my side -- that nail you see in the hilt came from the Cross. The other Knights stand by me. My wife and children are just as fierce as I am -- God help you should you try to find out if it's otherwise. And there are others.

Together we all stand, shoulder to shoulder, against the darkness. Our faith has been tried, tested, and proven resolute. No matter the cost, no matter how bloodied you might make us, we will not bow, and we cannot fail. God's Will be done -- on Earth, by our hands.

Who are you? Take the quiz!
I re-took the quiz to be more honest with the questions to see who I would be in the game. I am Michael Carpenter.
With a quick review of the game, it looks like a little like Call of Cthulhu type of game. --Heath

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