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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our HERO game.

This game was played on August 21st in the year of 2005 using the HERO game system with Fantasy HERO setting.

Our game master, Norm.

(left) Gregor has jumped on the table after finding a cheater at this dice game. Gregor stabs the cheater in the hand. The cheater's friend clubed Gregor in the head knocking him out for a few seconds. Gregor fell foward into the cheater pulling his hand away from the knife (that was stuck thru his hand into the table). The fight was stoped before any more damage was done.
(right) At a house in town, we were jumped (while asleep) by some thugs that was sent by the cheater. The two thugs were knocked out and sent to a holding cell.

A current basic map of the area. Large square is the town, small square is our group's house and spaces marked with a "F" is farm land.

(above) My character buy the name of Vaden, as drawn by Rich Schleifer.

The best fight of the day happened at the end of the game. Our part of two was camped out getting a little rest, when we were attacked. It was dark, our characters could not well at all in darkness. While our attackers did not have the same problem. I attacked the creature when he was close and smack, I smashed it's head in. The second creature was close by. I attacked it, landed another head shot killing the creature in one shot. We then found a 3rd creature lurking near by. I missed it. I tried again and smacked it in the head, dazing him. The creature seeing no good out come, gaving up. All the hits and head shots were one of the luckiest rolls I have done in a long while. (Rolling on 3d6 in a range of 3 - 5 to hit the head and just to hit at all in the dark, was just ... great.)

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