Sunday, February 18, 2007

ConQuest Day 2 and 3

Only a few games were played these last 2 days. Saturday morning I went to a Intro to Shadowrun game which went over the game history, character classes and a sample fight. I had the afternoon free, so with a friend we got some lunch and went see the Ghost Rider movie. That night the Savage World game of Stargate: Mictlan had a full house of player.
On the last day (for me), I only went for one game. The game was Intro to Dying Earth. With only one person showing up (that would be me) we went over a little of the history, the game mechanics and a short sample intro game. It was a ok system, it might have been a better experience if more people would have shown up. The game system was based off a outcome of a d6 with a pool of possable rerolls. That was one thing I did not like about the system.
Over all it was fun time, not as large as Dragonflight was last summer, but still fun.

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