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Friday, February 16, 2007

ConQuest Day 1

Having registered before hand, I pick up my registration packet in the lobby. There was going to be custom dice (with the my name, con name and date) was going be part of the packet, but was not there. I found out it was due to low turn out last year, they cut the cost some where. A little sad on that, not a big deal. I picked up a convention shirt, tried to put on my credit card, had a little problem with it, I ended up paying cash for it. During this time it hit 3 pm and the game I wanted to play filled up. I ended up reading a book for a while and did two quick games of a block stacking game. I got my name down for the next game I wanted to play, Depth of Evil, a Pulp Hero game with the Hero System rules. The character I ended up playing was the Green Hornet with other similar 30s heroes in the group. Our group was able to defeat the enemy and save the day.

The game listing for Depths of Evil:
Captain F. Schaeffer, Cliff Secord and other adventurers of the 30's join forces to battle an ancient evil lurking beneath the Atlantic waves!

When I got home I got a good look of the con shirt, it said "Veni, Vidi, Conquest!". Which comes out to say: "Came, Saw, Conquest!"

Off to sleep for the next day of gaming.

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