Thursday, February 15, 2007

My plan of attack.

ConQuest is around the corner. My plans so far are as follows:

3:00 PM Big Al and Able Team vs. the Snow Monster! (Spirit of the Century)
7:00 PM Depths of Evil (Pulp Hero)
10:00 AM Intro to Shadowrun (Shadowrun 4th Edition)
1:00 PM Shadowrun: The Body Electric (Shadowrun 4th Edition)
7:00 PM School of Illusion (Talislanta 4th Edition)
12:00 PM Intro to Dying Earth (The Dying Earth)
8:00 PM Who Stole My Zepplin? (Hollow Earth Expedition)

Here is the online game schedule.

The games may change or a movie may be seen instead of a game. Time will tell.

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