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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The GeekLable Shirts

I ordered some GeekLable shirts as a x-mas gifts for my game group on Jan 4th. I got the notice for the items on Jan 29th. Thats 25 days to get the product. To compare to a simular product, I ordered a Dragons Landing Inn shirt from CafePress and got the item with in a week (7 days).

To make a long story long, the GeekLable shirts were sent to my apt. manager office which is open from 9am to 6pm. I have to get to work before 9am, so that would work for me. But from work I got home on Tuesday about 10 min till 6pm. They were closed for the day. The next day I got home 15 min, again they were closed. Thursday came around, I got home about 20 min and yes they were closed again. That day I found out that we were gaming the next day. I needed to get the shirts for the group. I came home from lunch around 1:15pm and they were closed for lunch. I got lunch myself and right before I headed back to work and found they were open. I picked the package brought it to the group to hand them out.

Looks like a good product, but processing time sucks. Over 3 weeks!

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