Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A rush to get a room.

The phone lines opened today at 9am for hotel reservations for the San Diego Comic Con 2007. A group of us are planing on going and pool our resources and go this year (this is the first large convention for me). Rich starts work a little after 9am and tried to call in and get a room. Busy signal. I had a break and tried. Busy signal for me also. Rich got thru around 11am and there was no one room for the time frame we were looking for (July 25th to July29th) and was put on a waiting list. I got thru at about 12:30pm and also got put on a waiting list. With luck, a frind of Rick got a room for the time frame (but a little ways away for the convention center) for $200 a night. Which for a group breaks down to smaller chunks. Yea for us.

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