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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not a good day.

It has been a week sence this has happened, I wanted to wait for a while frined of the family were told by Chad himself. I read the following email on Saturday Feb 24th, while the email was dated Friday Feb 23rd and this all hapened on Thursday Feb 22nd. This is what he sent me and my parents from Chad (my brother):

Yesterday, Kate was admitted to New York Presbyterian after fainting and having abdominal pains. It turns out that the blood vessel leading to Kate's spleen had ruptured, a condition that went undiagnosed for many hours until she eventually lapsed into unresponsiveness and was rushed into surgery. After suffering massive blood loss, Kate is recovering really well and was breathing on her own just six hours after they closed her up. Unfortunately our daughter was not so lucky. She passed away after a crash C-section in the emergency room. We haven't yet processed the loss fully yet, but we feel amazingly lucky that Kate is alive.
Everything is much better, Kate is still in the hospital resting. She is able move around on her own a little . Kate is recovering nicely and healing at a great rate (according to the doctors, Chad said).

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