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Saturday, March 10, 2007

To paint or not to paint.

I made a offer to Bob, my fellow Hero Game player, that if he found a mini figure that I would paint it. The first one he found was Tolan, Male Druid (2692) of the Dark Heaven Legends line from Reaper Mini. It looks good, but he found a better one, Blackclad Druid (PIP81019) of the Iron Kingdoms line from Privateer Press. He liked this one better, the character is holding a long ax type weapon, which looks it could be converted to a staff weapon which Bob's character mainly uses. Early this week I was planing to sit down and start them. Well, I did sit down and opened the Blackclad Druid figure picked off the biger pieces of the metal on the figure. I went to my craft box (which is where my paints, brushes and tools are) to get the get the files to smoth down the edges. But they were not there, I looked around but still could not find them. I recalled the last time they were used were on some horse mini I purchased a few months ago. I gave it a few days, but sill no luck. Last night I looked from file in the local area, but again no luck. Today a made a trip to American Eagles Hobbies over in Seattle to pick a set of fine files and found a another figure for myself. Now I start to prep the minis and get them painted. Thats my story and I am sticking with it.

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