Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time frame.

GeekLable make a great shirt, it has held up to a few washing so far. I had given our game group (of 3 including me) a GeekLable shirt. On one game day I got everyone to put on the shirt and was able to snap a picture.

Geek Game Group

From what GeekLable's Web site says, "Have a fan photo you'd line to share?". So I did. I email the photo on February 25th and got this email responce on March 6th:

Hey heath,
Thanks for the awesome photo! Sorry not to get it online sooner. Hopefully, I have it online in the next day or two.
Jay Lynn
Geeklabel, Inc.
As of today, March 18th, it has not shown up yet on their photo page. You say 2 days, it should be posted there in around the 2 day. It has been 12 day, it should be posted by now.

Thats my rant and I am sticking to it for now. ;-)

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