Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dragonflight 2007

Dragonflight is here and below are the games I played, with some info on what happened.

Danger in the Hollow Earth! Part 1
Fri 7:00PM to 11:30PM (4.5 hrs)
Presented by Eric Aldrich
Hollow Earth Expedition published by Exile Game Studio

Description: This year the Blue Dragons do the pulps! Join us for an action packed 2 sessions of role playing. It’s 1936 and your team needs to beat the opposition to a key artifact in the Hollow Earth. This years Game Masters are Eric Aldrich, Jason Alexander, Mike Brislawn, Tim Brown, Garry Corbin, and Bob Zenger. We are cutting back slightly in the number of players we are running in the hopes of working in more individual “crunchy bits”.

This was my first game of the Dragonflight convention. Bob also signed up for this game and ended up in the same group. We started with some background and picking some characters. This part of the game was a sample game to get a feel for the system. One note on the system, it does use 3 different set of special d8 dice that use a bell curve for dice (d1, d2 and d3). The sample game ended with the group be Rapter food. Next we switched tables and picked more permanent character and customised the characters a little. The proceeded at a good pace and went a little late, but we got to the stopping point for the night.

Atlantis Under the Seas
Sat 9:00AM to 1:30PM(4.5 hrs)
Presented by Sophie Lagace
Seven Leagues published by Malcontent Games

Description: Deep under the waves, the lost Kingdom of Atlantis lives on. But the shadow of Leviathan, Emperor of the Abyss, is stretching over all the undersea kingdoms and his dark minions are at Atlantis' fabled walls. Will you be the ones to save the Kingdom? Play a knight of Atlantis, mermaid, siren, triton or nereid, or any suitable fairytale character of your choice is this very streamlined, story-oriented system.

This system is a story driven game and does use a d12 dice for some out comes in the story. I ended up picking out a cute fish type character and found out out mission for the game was to fine the Queen and find out a way to defeat the main villain. We started out with just 2 players and 3 other people showed up a little later, for good game with the right number of players. The game ended with us saving the Queen and defeating the villain. Also nice was that they had prizes of the game system. I got the print version and a PDF version of the game book.

Danger in the Hollow Earth! Part 2
Sat 2:00PM to 6:30PM(4.5 hrs)
Presented by Eric Aldrich
Hollow Earth Expedition published by Exile Game Studio

Description: (see above) Continued from the game the night before.

We started with out with our group of 5 players at a new table and GM from the game last night. Our group continued on our quest meet a bigwig, that might have killed us, if we did not make a deal to get ride of a ironclad that was being a problem to him. To get rid of the ironclad, we got rid of the crew and then used it to get a submarine. The submarine was near were we need to be for our group objective. As we found out later, it was was the objective area of the other groups. There was a large battle going on. To not wanting to be left out, mine and Bob's character (plus some NPCs) used the cannons from the ironclad to blow some things up. Battle ended, we won (our groups did). Our leaders talked and came to a agreement. At the game end we got to keep the dice give out durring the game and got a limited edition "5 Style Point" poker chip.

Stargate: Mictlan
Sat 7:00PM to 11:30PM(4.5 hrs)
Presented by Tim Brown
Savage Worlds published by Great White Games

Description: Our heroes are still unable to return to Earth, but they are making progress against the goa'uld/wraith in the isolated Mictlan systems. But now the Aztec gods are angry, and the hunt is on!

This was continuing game and picked up from the ConQuest game played 02/18/07. We had a full table with 6 players and 2 alternates for a total of 8 player. The 2 alternates copied two of the character sheets for a full table. I picked my character on the name and ended being the leader for our group. I do some time stray from the main or lead character in a large group game. It did not turn out too bad at all. Most of the time I made suggestions and lead our group. A lower rank goa'uld made a offer to strike a meeting of other goa'ulds. We came up with a few suggestions, one was that use a large cats (a puma) as a gift for the meeting. A joke, I think I came up with, was to rig the pumas to explode. Exploding pumas was running a through out the game. We did not use the rig the pumas, we did rig the two cases. First to open and have the cats get out. Next to trigger the smoke bombs to cause confusion. At that point, guns are grabbed and reinforcements come through the gate and attack the enemy. After the battle we got a notice to meet with the main bad goa'ulds. We made a deal with devil in order to get our SG team home.

Kill Puppies for Satan!!!
Sat Midnight to 2:00AM (2.0 hrs)
Presented by Peter Darley
Kill Puppies for Satan published by Lumpley Games

Description: Let out your foul-mouthed inner cretin and explore how much fun it is to collect minuscule cosmic power by wanton slaughter of big eyed puppies / bunnies / kittens / dolphins / whatever for your dark master!

The presenter was a player in the Atlantis Under the Seas game. I had heard a few thing about the system. This game is a adult themed game with the language and the animal killing. I took it a chance to play different type game. The game started at midnight and there were 4 players. We created our character in a few steps and did a round take to get some history of our character and to get a common character that we were going to a party to. It ended up be a rescue party. Sorry to say that some cats and other animals were harmed durring the the game. A odd game that needed to played late at night with not much sleep.

That it for me, I took Sunday off to get some rest do some other things.

See some pictures here.

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