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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sanctuary Autograph

Just uploaded the pictures of the people from the Sanctuary cast that was at the 2007 ComicCon. I was at a booth that had star photoson Friday. I picking up a few photos to get sighned in the autograph area and asked if I know who Amanda Tapping was. I said yes, of course and was given a ticket for Saturday. I showed up for the 2pm time . The booth closed down and had some sheet thown over the boxs and photos. They had a table set up ready for the cast when they show up. The line was set part way around the booth and picked on the other side of the booth. When I got there Gary Jones (Walter Harriman from Stargate) was there and left shortly after the group showed up. Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, Robin Dunne and Damian Kindler (I think).

Sanctuary Autograph - 07 Gary Jones (pix taken by Heath) Sanctuary Autograph - 10 (pix taken by Heath) Sanctuary Autograph - 12 (pix taken by Heath)
Check out the full set of pictures at Flickr.

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