Thursday, August 16, 2007

My reply to ComicCon

Got a email from my brother about the ComicCon and if it was worth the trip. Here is what I replied. Thought it gave a good over all run down of the trip, so I posted it here on the blog.

Totally worth the trip.

My two trip mates did come sick and felt bad the fist two-ish days (Wed, Thur and some of Friday). Tried to stay well, I got the bug and went back to the room late afternoon on Saturday and some of Sunday. Got to go to half dozen panels of some of my favorite shows. One Thursday, four on Friday and one on Saturday. Fun time. The convention floor was huge, lots of stuff to see, freebies to pick up, pictures taken and autographs signed. Most of the cost was the plane trip and the hotel. The entry was free (due to a friend), breakfast came with the room, lunch was some snacks and dinner was at a local place. Picked up more than a few freebies roaming the large convention floor. For the preview day on Wednesday, it was open for 4 hrs. I only got a taste that day. (I have some pictures of the freebies, autographs and some bought items soon to be uploaded in a few day on my Flickr account)

Sunday was a little crazy. One of the friend I went down with got a message saying the plain was leaving early. We left the convention about a hour early and went to the airport to check in. Found out that our fiend was on a different early flight. That was strange, we all got our tickets with in the same hour and day. That left me and Rich. First plane left and arrived on time (9pm) in Salt Lake City. Due to weather for the plane we were going to use for our trip to Seattle, we did not leave the airport till2pm MST. Normally it would not be too bad, I could read a book or play my PSP. But at this time I was not feeling good at all. I ended up dozing on the ground like a few other people were doing. After dropping Rich off at his place I got home at 4:40am. I am glad I did not have to go to work that day (Monday). I was sick and rest the next two day. Went back to work on Thursday. Fun was had by all.

A great number of photos have been uploaded already and I still have some others I am adjusting and cropping, that will be uploaded soon.

Check out for the pictures.

I plan to come back next year. How about you, want to join the fun next year?

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