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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The new software for my DVR.

After my TiVo died, I went with a DVR from my local cable company of Comcast. This last week the software on my DVR was update to some better improvements.

  1. There is better response when you fast forward. It stop at the spot were you push play, not 5 past the spot.
  2. The Instant Replay works a lot better. It was 7 seconds, not sure what is now. 7 seconds was not enough time. My guess would be some where around 15 seconds.
  3. The guide now shows if the show is New or Repeat.
  4. The software in general is more responsive and does not have the slight delay it had before.
  5. There is a few more options to view your recorded show, but did loose the folder option when you a few of the same show.
  6. With the other software, it crashed the DVR more than a few times. As of yet it has had not crashed (knock on wood).
  7. One odd thing with the new software, is when you delete a show that shows as upcoming, it does not delete it from the list. It puts a cancel icon on it and leave the show name. It would be good to have it clear off the list if it is not going to be recorded.
That my 2 cents at this point.

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