Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Panels I Got To.

To start out the convention floor was open from 10 am to 7 pm. The early panels I did not get to and the late panels near or after were too late for me. By 7 pm I had been on my feet for the good part of the day.

On Thursday I made it to my first panel at 11 am for DVD Sneak Peak 2007, which had some good info. Next was Stan Lee: True Believer at 1:45 pm which showed some clips of his upcoming DVD. I left before the end of the panel to head over the the BBC America: Torchwood panel. People were already in the room and there was a long line. I went to the end of the line. It moved slowly. It got to the point were the room was maxed out. So I left sadly, to roam the convention floor.

On Friday my first panel was at 12:15 pm for Stargate SG-1: The Movie, which was fun. I got a good seat around the middle of the room. The next panel was 1:30 pm in the same room, so I stayed put for the Stargate Atlantis with some new cast members. After the two panels the cast was signing posters, which I got (yea!). My next panel was Eureka at 4:45 pm which had most of the cast. Next was the Babylon 5: The lost Tales panel at 6 pm in the same room. They game out some free B5 swag. This was a full day. I went back to the room after the panel for some needed rest.

On Saturday my first panel of the day was the Simpsons panel at 10:45 pm, which I went with Rich. I had planed to go to the Heroes and the Futurama panel, but they filled up fast. I did not get a seat. So I went to roam the convention floor. I headed back to the room early, due to not feeling too good. My two hotel roommates I came down with had a cold (or something). Saturday is a big day for the con and next year I need to plan ahead for any major panels on this day.

On Sunday I did not go to any panels, I just went around the convention floor.

This is what I did for the panels. The convention floor was huge. I sent a lot of time there. Looking around, getting free stuff, taking pictures and purchased a few items. I also spend some time in the autograph area, getting a autograph (see prev post for what I got) or in line for a drawing for autographs (ie Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis).

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